Friday 20 May 2016

Tulu Lesson 17: Negative and Interrogative in Present Continuous Tense

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Today we are going to learn negative and interrogative form of sentences in Present Continuous Tense.

We already know Present Continuous Tense in Tulu.

E.g: yAn bareyondullae (bareyondu + ullae) – I am writing

All we need to do is just replace the verb ‘ul’ with ‘ijji’ to make our sentences negative in present continuous tense.

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yAn ijjae – I am not
I ijja – You are not
Aye/imbe ijje – He is not
Al/mOlu  ijjal – She is not
au/undu  ijji – It is not
nama/enkulu  ijja – We are not
Ir/nikulu  ijjar – You are not
akulu/mokulu/Ar/mEr ijjer – They are not
undekulu/aikulu ijja – They are not

I am not writing >> yAn bareyondu ijjae (Kannada: nAnu bareyuttilla)

yAn bareyondijjae – I am not writing
I bareyondijja – You are not writing
Aye/imbe bareyondijje – He is not writing
Al/mOlu  bareyondijjal – She is not writing
au/undu  bareyondijji – It is not writing
nama/enkulu  bareyondijja – We are not writing
Ir/nikulu  bareyondijjar – You are not writing
akulu/mokulu/Ar/mEr bareyondijjer – They are not writing
undekulu/aikulu bareyondijja – They are not writing

Let’s see more examples:

pAter (pAteruni) – To speak/talk

yAn pAterondijjae – I am not speaking
I pAterondijja – You are not speaking
Aye/imbe pAterondijje – He is not speaking
Al/mOlu  pAterondijjal – She is not speaking
au/undu  pAterondijji – It is not speaking
nama/enkulu  pAterondijja – We are not speaking
Ir/nikulu  pAterondijjar – You are not speaking
akulu/mokulu/Ar/mEr pAterondijjer – They are not speaking
undekulu/aikulu pAterondijja – They are not speaking

 pO (pOpini) – To go

yAn pOvondijjae – I am not going
I pOvondijja – You are not going
Aye/imbe pOvondijje – He is not going
Al/mOlu  pOvondijjal – She is not going
au/undu  pOvondijji – It is not going
nama/enkulu  pOvondijja – We are not going
Ir/nikulu  pOvondijjar – You are not going
akulu/mokulu/Ar/mEr pOvondijjer – They are not going
undekulu/aikulu pOvondijja – They are not going

naDapu (naDapuni) – To walk

yAn naDatondijjae – I am not walking
I naDatondijja – You are not walking
Aye/imbe naDatondijje – He is not walking
Al/mOlu  naDatondijjal – She is not walking
au/undu  naDatondijji – It is not walking
nama/enkulu  naDatondijja – We are not walking
Ir/nikulu  naDatondijjar – You are not walking
akulu/mokulu/Ar/mEr naDatondijjer – They are not walking
undekulu/aikulu naDatondijja – They are not walking

tOju (tOjuni) - To be seen/be visible

yAn tOjondijjae – I am not visible
I tOjondijja – You are not visible
Aye/imbe tOjondijje – He is not visible
Al/mOlu  tOjondijjal – She is not visible
au/undu  tOjondijji – It is not visible
nama/enkulu  tOjondijja – We are not visible
Ir/nikulu  tOjondijjar – You are not visible
akulu/mokulu/Ar/mEr tOjondijjer – They are not visible
undekulu/aikulu tOjondijja – They are not visible

Example Sentences:

Tulu: yAn illaDe pOvondijjae
English: I am not going home
Kannda: nAnu manege hOgtilla

Tulu: I satya paNondijja
Englis: You are not saying the truth
Kannada: nInu satya hELtilla

Tulu: Aye jettondijje
English: He is not sleeping
Kannada: avanu malagtilla

Tulu: Al tulu kaltondijjal
English: She is not learning Tulu
Kannada: avaLu tulu kalitilla

Tulu: barsa barondijji
English: It is not raining
Kannada: maLe bartilla

Tulu: jOkulu bultondijja
English: The babies are not crying
Kannada: makkaLu aLutilla

Tulu: AkAshoDu pakkilu rAvondijja
English: Birds are not flying in the sky.
Kannada: AkAshadalli hakkigaLu hArtilla

Tulu: enkulu iren kAtondijja
English: We are not waiting for you
Kannada: nAvu nimannu kAytilla

Tulu: nikulu bAkil dettondijjar
English: You are not opening the door
Kannada: nIvu bAgilu tereyuttilla

Tulu: ittae enk dAla tOjondijji
English: Now, I can’t see anything
Kannada: Iga nanage EnU kANutilla

In Tulu Present Continuous tense is also used for Present Perfect Continuous.


Tulu: Aye onji varshoDdinchi eNDa pAterondijje
English: He has not been speaking with me for one year.
Kannada: avanu ondu varshadinda nannondige mAtADtilla

Tulu: mUji dinaDdinchi barsa barondijji
English: It has not been raining for 3 days
Kannada: mUru dinadinda maLe bartilla.

Interrogative form of sentences in Present Continuous Tense:

We have to add  ‘a’ or ‘na’ at the end to make interrogative form of sentences in Tulu. When speaking with elders/strangers with respect, you can add ‘e’ or ‘ne’ instead of ‘a’ or ‘na’ at the end.

Tulu: yAn barondullena?
English: Am I coming?
Kannada: nAnu bartiddEna?

Tulu: nama sAleg pOvondullana?
English: Are we going to school?
Kannada: nAvu shAlege hOgtiddEva?

Tulu: I ittae Odondijjana?
English: Aren’t you reading now?
Kannada: nInu Iga Oduttilva?

Tulu: Ir ittae uNondijjare?
English: Aren’t you having lunch now?
Kannada: nIvu Iga UTa mADtilva?

Tulu: nikulu bElae maltondijjara?
English: Aren’t you working?
Kannada: nIvu kelasa mADtilva?

Tulu: Aye niNDa dAla paNondullena?
English: Is he telling you anything?
Kannada: avanu ninnalli EnAdarU hELtiddAna?

Tulu: Al teltondullala?
English: Is she smiling?
Kannada: avaLu nagtiddALa?

Tulu: nAyi koretonduNDa?
English: Is the dog barking?
Kannada: nAyi bogaLuttideya?

Tulu: puchchae pEr parondijja?
English: Isn’t the cat drinking milk?
Kannada: bekku hAlu kuDitilva?

Tulu: akulu enan lettondijjera?
Kannada: avaru nannannu karitilva?
English: Aren’t they calling me?

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