Tulu Lipi (Alphabets)

Tulu script or Tulu alphabets chart

Lot of people do not know that Tulu language has its own script or alphabets. Tulu script is not a newly invented script. Like most of the Indian scripts are descended from Brahmi script, Tulu script also descended from Brahmi script through Grantha script. A large number of manuscripts and stone inscription written in Tulu script were discovered around the Tulu Nadu region.  

Many of these reported to be around 800 years old. The oldest record of the usage of this script found in a stone inscription at the Sri Veeranarayana Temple in Kulashekara is in complete Tulu script and Tulu language which belongs to 1159 A.D. Tulu epics such as Mahabharato and Devi Mahatmyam of 15th century, and Sri Bhagavatho and Kaveri from the 17th century were also written in the same script.

Easy Tulu - Learn Tulu
A Tulu Stone Inscription

Easy Tulu - Learn Tulu
A Tulu Manuscript
There is a gaining support and interest by Tuluvas in revival of the script. There are many places in Tulu Nadu region where sign boards are being installed in Tulu Script.

Easy Tulu - Learn Tulu
A Tulu sign board

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