Wednesday 18 October 2023

Tulu Lesson 46: Defective Verbs

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namaskAra! Welcome back!

mAterla encha ullar?

Today let us learn few defective verbs in Tulu. 

Defective verbs are those verbs which do not have conjugated forms, or which have only few conjugated forms and cannot be used in all moods or tenses unlike normal verbs. 

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Here are few defective verbs on Tulu:

bODu (ಬೋಡು)

boDchi (ಬೊಡ್ಚಿ)

and (ಅಂದ್)

att (ಅತ್ತ್)

Avu (ಆವು)

yAvu (ಯಾವು)

balli (ಬಲ್ಲಿ)

bODu (ಬೋಡು) = Need/want/wish


Tulu: enk nIr bODu

English: I need water

Kannada: nanage nIru bEku

Tulu: enk chA bODu 

English: I would like to have tea

Kannada: nanage chahA bEku

Tulu: enk Ir bODu

English: I want you

Kannada: nanage nIvu bEku

Tulu: nikk chA bODa?

English: Would you like to have tea?

Kannada: ninage chahA bEkA?

Tulu: ireg kAs bODe?

English: Do you need money?

Kannada: nimage duDDu bEkA?

Tulu: nikleg dAla bODa?

English: Do you need anything?

Kannada: nimage EnAdarU bEkA?

boDchi (ಬೊಡ್ಚಿ) = Need not/not wanted/should not


Tulu: enk pEr boDchi 

English: I don’t want milk

Kannada: nanage hAlu bEDa

Tulu: enk Ir bodchi

English: I don’t need you

Kannada: nanage nIvu bEDa

Tulu: Ayeg dAla bodchi 

English: He doesn’t need anything

Kannada: avanige EnU bEDa

Tulu: nikk yAn bodcha?

English: Don’t you need me?

Kannada: ninage nAnu bEDava?

Tulu: Ireg kAs boDche?

English: Don’t you need money?

Kannada: nimage duDDu bEDava?

and (ಅಂದ್) = Yes/True/correct


Tulu: and, yAn barpae

English: Yes, I will come

Kannada: haudu, nAnu bartEne

Tulu: av and 

English: It is true

Kannada: adu haudu

Tulu: yAn ancha paNDini and

English: It is true that I said so. 

Kannada: nAnu hAge hELiddu haudu

Tulu: av anda? 

English: Is that true?

Kannada: adu hauda?

Tulu: Ir ellae barpini ande?

English: Is that true that you will come tomorrow?

Kannada: nIvu nALe baruvudu hauda?

att (ಅತ್ತ್) = No


Tulu: av Aye att

English: It’s not him

Kannada: adu avanu alla

Tulu: av ancha att 

English: It’s not like that

Kannada: adu hAge alla

Tulu: Ir maltinav sari att

English: It is not correct what you did

Kannada: nIvu mADiddu sari alla

Tulu: undu ninna ill atta?

English: Isn’t this your house?

Kannada: idu ninna mane allava?

Tulu: Ir Teacher atte?

English: Aren’t you a teacher?

Kannada: nIvu Teacher allava?

Avu (ಆವು) = Okay

This is the uncertain future tense form of the verb ‘A’ (ಆ). Literally 'Avu' means ‘it will probably become’. 

E.g: nikk kaSTa Avu – It will probably be difficult for you (Kannada: ninage kaSTa Agabahudu)

However, as a defective verb ‘Avu’ means 'Okay'. It is used to give consent. 


Tulu: enk chA Avu

English: I am okay with tea

Kannada: nanage chahA Agabahudu

Tulu: Avu, yAn pOpae

English: Okay I will go

Kannada: Aytu, nAnu hOgtEne

Tulu: undu angi nikk Ava?

English: Is this shirt okay for you?

Kannada: idu angi ninanage Agabahuda?

Tulu: av ill ireg Ave?

English: Is that house okay for you? 

Kannada: adu mane nimage Agabahuda?

yAvu (ಯಾವು) = Enough/Suffice

This verb can be used in different tenses but only has third person neuter conjugations. 


Tulu: enk yAvu

English: It is enough for me

Kannada: nanage sAku

Tulu: Ayeg yAvuji 

English: It is not enough for him

Kannada: avanige sAkAguvudilla

Tulu: areg yAND

English: It was enough/sufficient for him/her

Kannada: avarige sAkAytu

Tulu: namak yAyiji

English: It was not sufficient for us

Kannada: namage sAkAgalilla

Tulu: nikk It yAva?

English: Is this much enough for you?

Kannada: ninage iSTu sAka?

Tulu: Ireg At yAve?

English: Is that much enough for you?

Kannada: nimage aSTu sAka?

Tulu: yAve? nanala bODe?

English: Enough or (Do you) want more?

Kannada: sAka? innU bEka?

balli (ಬಲ್ಲಿ) = Prohibited /Impossible/should not

Normally this is used as an auxiliary verb with infinitives to express permission or necessity which we have learned in the lesson 23: Potential mood 

E.g. nama sOperaeballi – We should not lose (Kannada: nAvu sOlabAradu)

However this can also be used as a defective verb sometimes. 


Tulu: av balli

English: It is impossible/It is prohibited

Kannada: adu kUDadu

Tulu: enaDd balli 

English: It is not possible by me / I can’t do it

Kannada: nanninda sAdyavilla

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