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Tulu Lesson 41: Useful Phrases in Tulu

namaskAra! Welcome back!

Tulu Lesson 41: Useful Phrases in Tulu

How are you all? Let me start by wishing you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead! Happy New Year! mAteregla posa varsada eDDepu!

We have finished 40 lessons so far. I think I covered all the grammar lessons in Tulu. If I missed anything please let me know. Also, please give me your feedbacks on the lessons. Are they really helpful for you in learning Tulu? Going forward what type of lessons do you expect from me? I will try my level best to implement your suggestions and come back to you with new interesting lessons.

Alright! Today let us learn some useful phrases in Tulu.

Thank you
Thank you (When someone helped you)
upakAra AND
upakAra Aytu
See you again
kuDora tikk’ga
innomme sigONa
hOgi bartEne
How are you?
Encha ullar? (formal)
encha ulla? (informal)
I am fine
ushArullae / saukhya
Had your lunch/dinner?
oNasANDe? (formal)
oNasANDa? (informal)
UTa Ayta?
Had tea?
chA paryare? (formal)
chA paryana? (informal)
chA Ayta?
Had breakfast?
nAshTa ANDe? (formal)
nAshTa ANDa? (informal)
tiNDi Ayta?
What is this?
undu dAde? (formal)
undu dAda? (informal)
idu Enu?
What is the time now?
gaNTae EtAND?
gaNTe eshTaytu?
What is your name?
pudar enchine? (formal)
pudar enchina? (informal)
My name is …..
enna pudar ….
Nanna hesaru ….
Where are you from?
Uru olpa? / ill olpa?
yAvUru? / mane elli?
I am from Mangalore
yAn kuDlaDd baidae / enna ill kuDlaD

nAnu mangaLUrinda bandiddEne /
nanna mane mangaLuralli
I am Mangalorean
yAn kuDladAye (M)
yAn kuDladAl (F)
nAnu mangaLurinava (M)
nAnu mangaLurinavaLu (F)
Long time no see
mast samayAND tUdu /
mast dinaAND tUdu
nODi tumbA samaya Aytu
Do you speak Tulu?
Tulu barpuNDe? / tulu pAteruvare? (Formal)
tulu barpuNDa? / tulu pAteruvana? (Informal)
tuLu bartadA? / tulu mAtADtIra? (formal)
tuLu mAtADtIya (informal)
Yes, a little (reply to ‘Do you speak Tulu?’)
and, vantae vantae barpuNDu
haudu, svalpa svalpa bartade
I know
enk gottuNDu
nanage gottu
I don’t know
enk guttuji
nanage gottilla
I can understand
enk arthaApuNDu
nanage arthaAgtade
I don’t understand
enk arthaApuji
nanage arthaAgalla
Please speak slowly
vantae mella pAterle
svalpa mellage mAtADi
Please say that again
kuDora paNle / kuDora paNpare?
Innomme hELi / innomme hELtIra?
How do you say …. In Tulu?
….. unden tuluTu encha paNpini?
……. Idannu tuLuvalli hEge hELuvudu?
dayamalt / dayadId
I love you
yAn iren mOkae malpuvae (formal)
yAn ninan mOkae malpuvae (Informal)
nAnu nimmannu prItistEne (formal)
nAnu ninnannu prItistEne (informal)
I like you
enk Ir ishTa (formal)
enk I ishTa (informal)
nanage nIvu ishTa (formal)
nanage nInu ishTa (informal)
Do you like me too?
ireg’la yAn ishTane? (formal)
nikk’la yAn ishTana? (informal)
nimagU nanu ishTana? (formal)
ninagU nanu ishTana? (informal)
Get well soon
bEga ushArAle (formal)
bEga ushArAla (informal)
bEga hushArAgi (formal)
bEga hushArAgu (informal)
God bless you
dEver eDDae malpaD
dEvaru oLLedu mADali
untule / untAle (formal)
untu / untAv (informal)
nilli / nillisi (formal)
nillu / nillisu (informal)
tU / sU
Go forward
dumpOle (dumbu + pOle) (formal)
dumpO (informal)
munde hOgi (formal)
munde hOgu (informal)
Go back
pira pOle (formal)
pira pO (informal)
hinde hOgi (formal)
hinde hOgu (informal)
I want to get down here
yAn mUlu jappuvae
nAnu illi iLitEne
kEnle (formal)
kEn (informal)
kELi (formal)
kELu (informal)
Call the police!
pOlis’n leppule
pOlisannu karIri
How much is this?
nekk Eth?
idakke eshTu?
Where are you going?
Ir dUra pOvondullar? (formal)
I dUra pOvondulla? (informal)
nIvu ellige hOguttiddIri?
I am hungry
enk baDavonduNdu
nanage hasivAgtA ide
I am thirsty
enk bAjelAvonduNDu
nanage bAyArike AgtA ide
Can u help me?
enk onji upakAra  malpuvara? (formal)
enk onji upakAra  malpuvana? (informal)
nanage ondu sahAya mADuttIra? (formal)
Nanage ondu sahAya mADuttIya? (informal)
Let’s go
Come in
ulai bale (formal)
ulai bala (informal)
oLage banni (formal)
oLage bA (informal)
Sit down
kullule (formal)
kullu (formal)
kuLitukoLLi (formal)
kuLitukO (informal)
No problem / It’s OK
mallejji / tondarae ijji
paravAgilla / tondare illa
How old are you?
ireg prAya EtAND? (formal)
nikk prAya EtAND? (informal)
Nimage vayasseshTaytu (formal)
ninage vayasseshTaytu (informal)

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