About Easy Tulu

          My name is Kiran Poojary and I am from Mangalore. I love learning new languages. Tulu is my mother tongue. If you had ever been to Mangalore, you might know about Tulu language. I have created Easy Tulu blog to help those who are interested in learning this beautiful language. This blog is a totally Free source for you if you are looking for online lessons to learn Tulu. 

            Tulu language is one of the five Dravidian languages of South India (Pancha- Bhasha, others are Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam). It is the primary spoken language in Tulu Nadu, a region comprising the districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada in the west of the state of Karnataka and Kasaragod taluk of Kerala. Apart from Tulu Nadu, a significant emigrant population of Tuluva people is found in Maharashtra, Bangalore and the Gulf countries. Tulu is spoken by three to five million native speakers in the world.

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